What can YOUR dollar do?

Drop a Dollar is a unique social experiment that invites people to donate just one dollar toward the future of a family. Participating in this social experiment comes with the added benefit of voting on the charity that will receive 27% of the money once the $1 million goal is reached. It's a fun social experiment that merges the power of philanthropy with the principles of democracy, encouraging people to think about their impulses and how much of a difference just a small amount of money can make. Every dollar counts, and every vote makes a difference.

Small Change - Big Difference

Beyond a Donation - A Step Towards Generosity

This is more than a donation; it’s a step into the world of generosity. Studies in the psychology of giving show that generosity isn’t just about financial benefits; it’s deeply tied to our well-being, our sense of purpose, and our connection to others. By joining this cause, you're participating in an act that enriches not just the recipient, but also the giver.

Join Us on This Journey

Embrace this opportunity to be a part of a narrative that goes beyond the mundane. One dollar, one person, one immense impact. Let’s see what we can achieve together with just the smallest act of generosity. Your dollar could be the one that changes everything.

Your Single Dollar: A Catalyst for Change

Every day, we casually spend dollars on small pleasures and conveniences. A $1 lottery ticket, a quick snack, or an in-app purchase in our favorite game. These transactions are fleeting and often forgotten. But what if, just for once, that single dollar could become a part of something bigger, something transformative?

A Personal Journey, A Collective Impact

We're inviting you to join us in a unique experiment, one that intertwines the joy of giving with the power of collective action. By donating just one dollar to our cause, you're not just supporting a dream; you're becoming part of a story. A story of moving back home to Washington, of building a life, and of realizing a dream.

But this isn’t just about us. It’s about the power of generosity. Researchers have found that acts of giving, even small ones, can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. The joy of being charitable, of knowing that your contribution - no matter how small - is making a difference, is a feeling that resonates deeply and lasts long after the act itself.

Transparency and Democracy in Giving

Your dollar will not just disappear into the void of anonymous charity. You will see its journey, follow its impact as we document our move and our progress.

And there's more. When we reach our goal of $1 million, 27% of the total funds raised will be donated to a charity. But not just any charity - one that you, our donors, choose through a democratic vote. This process embodies the principles of democracy, letting you have a say in how your generosity is utilized.

A One-Dollar Democracy

In this social experiment, every donor is equal, every dollar counts the same. We are a global community, and in this interconnected world, it’s the collective actions of many that drive real change. We ask for just one dollar, no more, to ensure that this experiment remains a testament to what many can do together, rather than a few doing much.

Small Change - Big Difference